Custom Keymap

I have mapped some of the missing KODI keys to the remote of my MXQ, as some of the functions I use were not availible on the standard remote.

  • Navigate to your Userdata folder on your MXQ (\\\userdata)
  • There will be a folder called keymaps navigate here
  • Create a file called gen.xml and paste the following contents in the file.
<key id="61586">info</key>
<key id="61585">contextmenu</key>
<key id="61489">playpause</key>
<key id="61490">stop</key>
<key id="61491">togglewatched</key>
<key id="127185">playpause</key>
<key id="61478">stop</key>
<key id="61585">codecinfo</key>

Once you have done that, you can reboot your box and your new functions will be mapped to the specified buttons in the xml file.

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20-01-2016 12:39
Karl Hudgell
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