Flashing Roms

For some new users don't know how to flash ROM, This tutorial shows the whole process.
At first you need download two files to a new folder and remember the location, extract them. Then follow the part 1 to install the driver.

Driver download: https://mega.co.nz/#!55BQkKiR!OPBrnj7SXxsUbuchAjV8orT9SMAOMpbDesYTMO2DDHY
Flashtool download: https://mega.co.nz/#!c5RzyZpb!_5A42scwDPWF-MkB6zpdX2J6plnhcW17LWKAlI37ZJU


Method A
1. Install driver
    a.  Download the drive .  Save the file and remeber the position.
    b.  Unzip the file and open it. 
    c.  Double click to open the file.
    c.  Right click "DriverInstall", choose "Run as Administrator". The device will install automatically.     
Method B
1. Open My Computer, right click on the blank area, open the properties and click on the device manager to open the device manager interface.
2. Take the phone’s battery out to make sure the power is off. Then connect it to your PC.
You can see the sign devicedriver software is installing at the bottom right corner.

Click on it, and choose Search automatically for updated driver software
3.If the device driver software is successfully installed, you are lucky and move to step 2. If not, that’s normal, you would see the notification down load below.
It shows the warning of MT65xx Preloader in the device manager interface. Then you need to installit manually.

4. Find the driver software you downloaded.

5. Open driver file and choose the appropriate mode for your PC.

If you finished the steps successfully, you would see the window down below.
file:///c:/users/pc5/appdata/roaming/360se6/User Data/temp/163653hszc22o3cb9c22p9.jpg
file:///c:/users/pc5/appdata/roaming/360se6/User Data/temp/163653hszc22o3cb9c22p9.jpg

After you have installed the Driver, then download the ROM you need, 

1.  Open the Flashtool file and run the

2. Click on the upper button.
3. Find your recovery file and open it, you will see the MT6582_Android_scatter.txt. Open it.
(I'm using P8 for instance here)
4. You would see the following interface.
Make sure everything is checked. Click Download and Connect your phone with USB wire (It usually takes about 2 minutes to finish the download)

5. You'll see this.

141055sbnlllznefll6ejj.jpg (173.83 KB, Downloads: 32)


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Your P8 update file is downloaded.
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